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Training & Education Flyers

Emergency Operations Plan Development (EOP)

EOP collaborative development process with 3-year support and implementation.

Comprehensive School Safety Plan Development (CSSP)

Assist K-12 schools to comply with California Ed. Code Section 32281(a) including 3-year support and implementation.

SB-390 Certification Course (24-hour)

Senate Bill 390 Security Officer training.

Surviving an Active Assailant Incident Training

Empower employees with knowledge and tactics for survival.

Conflict De-Escalation (CD-E)

Training to improve reaction abilities in a purposeful manner during a high stress situation.

Crisis First Responder for Schools (CFR-S)

Medical training tactics to save lives during a critical incident.

Personal Security (PERSEC)

Equipping employees to improve their security at home, at work, and in between.

Window Coverings Best Practices

Solutions to the dilemma of covered or not covered windows.

Threat and Physical Security Assessment (TaPS)

Identify security deviancies associated with loss or damage and provide CPTED-friendly recommendations.

Security and Behavioral Health Assessment (SaBH)

Blends behavioral health and security issues to address shortfalls and create improvement plans.

Wildfire Response and Recovery

Expectations for your stakeholders in your organization’s EOP for preparation, response, and recovery.

Crisis First Responder
for Public Agencies

CFR-PA is a course specifically designed to provide agency staff address potentially lethal injuries associated with mass hemorrhaging

Additional Training & Education

SB-390 Refresher Course (6-hour)

Senate Bill 390 Security Officer refresher training

Tabletop Exercises (TTX)

Tailored to help equip emergency management teams apply their EOP in a safe learning environment

After Action Debriefs and Reports

Assist agencies in documenting and improving their emergency management work products.

Executive Level Incident Command System (ELICS)

ICS training for upper management. Compliments FEMA and CSTI training modules.

Practical Exercise Facilitation

Beyond a table top, from classroom to real-world functional exercises tailored to your EOP.

The First 5 Minutes

Critical incident, partially functional exercise in a controlled environment. Moderate to high intensity.

Planning For And Managing The Aftermath Of A Disaster

Goes beyond response familiarization to considerations for long term recovery.


Beyond Workplace Violence


Simply CPTED

Introduction to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design



A deeper look at the value and implementation of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design at your agency


Exterior Lighting Evaluation

A science-based assessment of existing lighting issues with recommendations for improving safety


CPTED New Construction Plan Review

Our team reviews your architectural plans for CPTED practices and recommended improvements.


Perimeter Access Control Assessment

Inspection of your facilities perimeter access controls and making recommendations that can help your organization reduce threats.


Lockdown Readiness Evaluation

Assessment of a Schools ability to train and drill all staff and students in the General Response Protocol.


Security and Behavioral Health Assessment (SaBH)  

Blends behavioral health and security issues to address shortfalls and create improvement plans.


Security and Vulnerability Self-Assessment Training

Identify existing security risks.


Emergency Operations Center Design, Development, and Implementation

Learn how to design an EOC for your agency to include activation and deactivation training and principles.


General planning and development consultation

Consultation that will help assess how your plan is working and help determine the need for further action, possible changes and improvements to plans.


Body-worn Cameras

Provide a basic understanding of how an agency can evaluate different types of body-worn cameras to best suit their needs.

Use of Force
Training that focuses on the legal aspects for an officer to use force.

WC and Liability claims

POST Accreditation Requirements

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