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Partners & Preferred Vendors

Keenan IMReady preferred vendors provide a variety of unique services designed to help your organization be prepared.


All preferred vendors and training partners have been rigorously vetted to ensure they have a stellar business reputation, and they meet IMReady standards for quality services. Our preferred vendors and training partners offer discounted rates for customers who are currently working with Keenan IMReady. 

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Blue Monster Prep is a leading provider of emergency and preparedness based equipment, supplies, and solutions to help schools, businesses, first responders, hospitals, government agencies and the general public prepare for and manage any circumstance — whether it’s first-aid, a medical emergency, Active Shooter/Workplace Violence incidents, natural disasters or weather related events.

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Titan HST is a multi-patented 2-way emergency mass communication platform enhanced with Crowdsourced Data, Augmented Reality, Dual-Channel Mesh Networking, Real-Time Translation and accessibility to the hearing, visually, and motor skill impaired. It utilizes redundant connectivity (Cellular, Wi-Fi, LAN, & Mesh Networking) and diverse notification methods (SOS Emergency Alert Button, Mobile App, Text Message, E-mail, Web Pop-Up, Robo-Call, & Social Media).

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Class Eight Research is a Veteran and Law Enforcement Owned Small Business dedicated to bringing the finest prehospital field emergency medical products and training on the market to our customers. Class Eight Research proudly serves law enforcement, the United States Military and our community by procuring effective and innovative prehospital field casualty care products and training to help them more effectively respond to the dangers they face.

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CrisisGo provides solutions for organizations to improve their safety while being a part of their community's safety network. Through safety technology, your organization can be better prepared to respond to emergencies - anytime, anywhere.

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Prepared solves the challenges presented in mass emergency communications between enterprise locations and first responders. With Prepared you have the ability to send mass notifications with predetermined templates and call 911 all within seconds. By creating a two-way, integrative channel between schools and police, we facilitate the exchange of critical information that typically gets lost or unaddressed in the chaos of a mass emergency.

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CriticalArc’s SafeZone™ is a cloud-based software service that is focused on solving the problems of securing, making safe and managing emergencies in complex environments, specifically problems relating to: 
• Providing situational awareness over campuses for incident response teams and enabling their optimal response to incidents; 
• Being alerted to incidents as they happen and ensuring that the real-time incident intelligence given to response team members in the field is timely and accurate; 
• Real-time awareness of Lone Worker presence, management of their safety; 
• During emergencies, being able to communicate quickly and target messaging to effectively coordinate first responders, volunteer teams, campus constituents and visitors, coordinating their actions in real time.

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Wrap has been a global leader in innovative public safety technologies and services. Our primary product is the BolaWrap® 150 which discharges a Kevlar® cord that can temporarily restrain an individual from up to 25 feet away. With one deployment of the BolaWrap and wrapping the subject’s arms or legs, officers can restrict the subject’s mobility and restrain them without incident. A recent UK report rated the BolaWrap as “safer than handcuffs” on the Use-of-Force Continuum.

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Fidel Leadership Consulting offers a series of classes designed to help you develop tools to address stress, crisis, and fear.  The seminars not only help you deal with stress at work, but also in dealing with colleagues, managing others, addressing family and friends, handling personal life issues, and resolving struggles at home.  These tools can become a foundation for improving all aspects of your life, helping to improve and create a more positive and effective approach to managing various stressful situations.

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Raptor Technologies is the nation’s leading provider of integrated K−12 school safety technologies. Founded in 2002, Raptor® developed the first Web-based visitor management system designed for schools. The Raptor system monitors every visitor, contractor, and volunteer who enters a building and provides instant screening for sex offender status and custom alerts for issues such as custody orders.

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Bastion Security provides client-tailored security monitoring at typically less than one-third the cost of traditional security guards. For over 14 years, Bastion has protected industrial, commercial, and multifamily clients from 24/7/365 Video Central Station, 100% staffed by U.S. based professionals.

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Visitu protects your campus with improved visitor management, student monitoring and tracking, critical emergency management and seamless campus communication to faculty, students, visitors and parents.

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NGS is the national leader in window films – Solar Control, Safety/ Security and decorative. NGS handles custom printed wall and glass graphics along with 3M Dinoc resurfacing films.  NGS has a nationwide reach with multiple office and sales reps across the country.

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Via Heart Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to the awareness, education, treatment, and prevention of sudden cardiac arrest. Via Heart Project specializes in CPR training, automated external defibrillators (AED) including placement, management and maintenance. Known for their trainings in school districts, colleges, and municipalities throughout the U.S. and 27 other countries.

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Explosives and Firearms Detection Dogs supporting our Paws on Patrol School Safety program. Kinetic Detection Methology is propriatery to Global K9 Protection Group LLC

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