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Going, Going, Gone!

It is surprising how many things we can pack into a small piece of luggage for a short weekend getaway. With that in mind, think how important it would be to have some essentials packed away in our automobiles just in case we experienced anything from a small

crisis to a big disaster. Would we be prepared if we were unable to return to our residence for a couple of days?

Having enough stuff in our vehicle during a crisis or disaster can make a big difference in not just comfort, but possibly survival. Since most of us have our automobiles nearby, putting together a ‘Go-Bag’ and making it a regular part of our auto equipment is really important. A ‘Go-Bag’ can be a soft-sided sports bag or even a plastic or cardboard storage box. The minimum inventory for an automobile ‘Go-Bag’ should include:

  • Extra clothing (sweatsuit or coveralls are excellent)

  • Comfortable walking shoes (sturdy tennis shoes or boots, including socks)

  • Flashlight with batteries (don’t store the batteries in the flashlight)

  • Safety road flares

  • Battery-powered AM/FM radio (or wind-up) but don’t store the batteries in the radio

  • Small first-aid kit

  • Bottled water (5 days worth = 1 gallon per day, per adult) for drinking and hygiene

  • Non-perishable finger foods (dried fruit, jerky, cookies, trail mix, etc.)

  • Hat, windbreaker, and gloves with leather palms

  • Blanket or bedroll

  • Critical medication

  • Personal toiletries (include an extra roll of toilet paper)

  • An extra set of undergarments

  • A small box of 10-gallon plastic garbage can liners (for sanitation purposes)

  • A copy of the ICS 214a “Individual Log” and other role-specific supplies for Emergency

  • Management team members

Make sure you keep perishable foods, water, and batteries up-to-date. We’re on the ‘Go’ a lot in California, so why not be prepared and keep a ‘Go-Bag’ loaded in our vehicle.

This post is available as a flyer below:

Pack a Go Bag Flyer
Download PDF • 159KB


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