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Flood Advisory - Central California

The National Weather Service (NWS/NOAA) has issued a Flood Advisory primarily for the Fresno and Madera areas of California. This alert was issued as the State of California ordered the release of water via the Oroville Dam spillway. The alert timing is indefinite or until further notice. Schools and Colleges in these areas should be at a state of heightened alert and prepared to take measures to protect lives and property in these areas.

It is also likely that other areas in valleys along river planes will be at risk as record snowfall begins to melt and runoff along these areas. To identify high risk areas concerned Districts (K-12 and Colleges) should be monitoring both the following services related to the flooding potential and likelihood:

Authorities and References

California Department of Water Resources

National Weather Service (NOAA) – California Nevada River Forecast Center


In concert with local government agencies, determine what steps you can take to protect your facilities. Ensure that any approved flood control systems which use any of your sites are in proper condition and clean of debris (contact flood control district for your area). Do not place barricades or alter flood control systems on District property without the express permission of the agency responsible for flood control in your area. If flooding appears to be an imminent threat to any of your sites, you should consider relocating the contents of these facilities to higher locations where possible.

Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

Now is a perfect time to update you EOP focusing specifically on the Flood Annex-section of your Hazard & Threat Annex. It should include what to do:

  • Before

  • During

  • After

  • Continuity of Operations


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